The Goddess Series: Isis the Great Mother by Nalini MacNab

The Goddess Series: Isis the Great Mother

Introduction to the Goddess Isis Series

with Nalini MacNab

The Great Mother archetype of Isis is one of the most revered. She represents abundance, magic, creation, rebirth and the arts in every form.

Isis became the model on which future generations of female deities in other cultures were to be based. As the personification of the "complete female", Isis was called "The One Who Is All", Isis Panthea ("Isis the All Goddess"), and the "Lady of Ten Thousand Names". Her archetype represents the fully empowered, fully embodied light in feminine form. 

This series holds transmissions of empowerment direct from one of the oldest of Divine Feminine Sources. 
It includes:
  • 9 transmissions delivered to you weekly as MP3 audio files - in total almost 7.5 hours of audio.
  • A supplementary pdf guide to accompany each transmission, including practice suggestions
  • Early access and early bird discounts to future courses from the Divine Mother Temple

What's included?

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Introduction to Isis
1 min
Part 1:The Function of Choosing
About the function of choosing
Fun Items to have with you for Part 1
53 mins
Part 1 Function of choice student supplementary guide
312 KB
Part 2: Shifting Flows of Embodiment
Welcome: Shifting Flows of Embodiment
49 mins
Shifting Flows of Embodiment student supplementary guide
213 KB
Part 3: Standard Bearers of Stellar Light
Welcome to you, as standard bearers of stellar light
28 mins
Part 3-Standard Bearer of Stellar Light student supplementary guide
165 KB
Part 4: Infinite Facets of Unity
Welcome: Infinite Facets of Unity
60 mins
Part 4 Infinite Facets of Unity student supplementary guide
331 KB
Part 5: Timelines and Timelessness
Welcome: Timelines and Timelessness
57 mins
Part 5 Timelines and Timelessness student supplementary guide
241 KB
Part 6: Re-emergence of Luminous Existence
Welcome to the reemergence of luminous existence
52 mins
Part 6 The Reemergence of Luminous Existence student supplementary guide
395 KB
Part 7: The Flowing Collaboration of Intentions
Welcome: The Constant Flow of Intentions
55 mins
Part 7 The Constant Flow of Intentions student supplementary guide
231 KB
Part 8: Seas of Transformation
The Seas of Transformation: welcome
52 mins
Part 8 The Seas of Transformation student supplementary guide
178 KB
Part 9: Freedom to BE
Part 9: Freedom to Be (with a capital Be!)
37 mins
Isis-9 Freedom to Be student supplementary guide
221 KB