Online Courses

Setting a GPS for Quantum Possibilities Mini-Course

The transmissions in this course help to establish your assemblage point, your field, your GPS as your most authentic expression at time.
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Living as Multidimensional Oneness

Living as Multi-Dimensional Oneness is a radical departure from traditional learning. This journey is experiential field tuning using SOUND.

The Goddess Series: Isis the Great Mother

This series holds transmissions of empowerment direct from one of the oldest of Divine Feminine Sources. 

The Goddess Series: White Tara

White Tara is an aspect of enlightened consciousness. This initiation series is an experience of being absorbed into Her Light. 

Wholistic Hygiene

Order and cleanliness are part of raising your vibration. Honoring this in every area of life directly affects the state of your energetic field. 

Foundations: The Way of Oneness

Learn or review the foundations of awakening into oneness. These are the practical steps for living as an embodiment of Divine Love.

Embodying Fluidity ~ Divine Feminine Enlightenment

Embodying Fluidity is Nalini's Core teaching course. There are patterns and programs that have held us in limitation for lifetimes. There is also HER current of Infinite Love, moving through everything at this time. It is time for the old scripts, all the old scripts, to dissolve into this flow. This course assists in the process.