Growing New Roots: Foundational Meditations Bundle by Nalini MacNab

Growing New Roots: Foundational Meditations Bundle

This series of three mp3 meditations, taken from our live Growing New Roots classes, are designed to help you grow new roots, weave new branches and flow with the light of the  stars that you are. 
Total listening time: 38 minutes

What's included?

Meditation: A Walk in your Inner Nature

This 14 minute meditation is a meditation on a walk into your inner nature. Come for a walk with me!

Meditation: Sovereign Alignment within Collaboration

This 13 min meditation is a way of finding your alignment as the Divinity that you are, and help you root in a new way.

Meditation: Spherical Grounding as Starlight

This 11 min meditation, is an alignment for a new way of being held, in sovereignty, within the way of Source.