ROOTS: Your complete initiation for rooting through Source by Nalini MacNab

ROOTS: Your complete initiation for rooting through Source

This series of guided meditations is an initiation for rooting into Source, the Source that you are. Each meditation presents a unique aspect of how you can learn to ground and be rooted as the world and our bodies dissolve and transform. Your allies for this come from the green world. They stand with us in the Oneness as Gaia completes her transition process.

What's included?

Becoming the Network

This short meditation from the Growing New Roots program will ground and connect you to the vast network you are innately part of. 

Grounding within Gaia: A meditation trilogy

This 3 part journey meditation will take you deeply into Grounding with Gaia,grounding with grounding,and grounding with the Flower of Life.

Integrating and Letting Go: New ROOTS, New Experience

As we reorient for new frequencies and higher octaves of light, our bodies still need grounding. This meditation will help you dial in.

Meditation: A Walk in your Inner Nature

This 14 minute meditation is a meditation on a walk into your inner nature. Come for a walk with me!

Meditation: How Are You Rooted?

You will be guided through three short processes, from the ROOTS program, to explore how and where you are currently rooted.

Meditation: Planting Patient Seeds

This meditation will assist you in being patient after planting new seeds. Only Source knows what will spring worth, how and when.

Meditation: Sovereign Alignment within Collaboration

This 13 min meditation is a way of finding your alignment as the Divinity that you are, and help you root in a new way.

Meditation: Spherical Grounding as Starlight

This 11 min meditation, is an alignment for a new way of being held, in sovereignty, within the way of Source.

Meditation: Tending Yourself with Tenderness

This short meditation from the Growing New ROOTS program, is to assist and support you as you grow roots in the new world.

Meditation: Thriving through adversity - A seed’s journey into stability.

This 13 minute meditation is about finding your growth pattern; your new way of taking root in a new world.