Foundations: The Way of Oneness by Nalini MacNab

Foundations: The Way of Oneness

A metaphysical (Mystik’s) Practice Primer in the Way of Oneness

What's included?

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Foundations: The Way of Oneness
Introduction to Foundations
Introduction to Foundations
About the Heartspace
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Module One ~ Approaching Oneness
The Etiquette of Oneness: Living in Reverence
Let's Do the Work: The Story of Fawn
Questions for Practice
Exercise: The Story of Fawn
Module Two ~ Projection: Turning a Weapon Into a Skill
Introduction to the Art of Projection
Focused Attention / Intention:
Art of Projection.mp3
22 mins
Questions and contemplations for ongoing practice
Projection: Exercises
Module Three ~ Flow: Making Peace with What is Transitory
Introduction to Flow
The How and The When
Questions for Practice
Exercises for Flow
Module Four ~ Meditation: Becoming Stillness
Introduction to Meditation - Becoming Stillness
Exercise One: Getting comfortable
Exercise Two: Taking it Outdoors
Exercise Three: Active Practice
Module Five ~ Mindfullness: Changing the Way you Think
Introduction to Mindfulness
Thought Patterns, Belief Systems and Habits
Questions for Changing the Way you Think
Exercises to change the way you think
Module Six ~ Movement: Harmonizing with Nature
Introduction to Harmonizing with Nature
Into Action: Your body is a miracle.
Questions for Harmonizing with Nature
Exercise: Movement as a way of embodying light
Module Seven ~ Listening: Shifting Into Receptivity
Introduction to Listening
Let’s Do the Work
Questions for Listening: Finding the Deep Silence
Exercises for Conscious, Receptive, Listening
Module Eight ~ Relating: Interacting as Oneness
Relating as Oneness: Introduction
How is Relating as Oneness Accomplished?
So, you want to have a Oneness relationship
Exercise One: Relating from Oneness
Exercise Two: Relate with a friend
Exercise Three: Practice using the Trinity principle
Module Nine ~ Manifestation: Choosing What to Make REAL
Manifestation ~ What we Make Real: Introduction
Questions for Practice
Exercise One: Manifestation
Exercise Two: Manifesting through consciousness
Exercise Three: Manifesting in collaboration with others.
You have begun.

Welcome to the Oneness

Learning to walk your own true path involves deepening into life, not retreating from it, to discover the divine order in all things. The offerings and content you will find within Divine Mother Portal can be stepping stones on your path, be it in small steps or giant leaps. If you are ready to walk your path in life as a mystery school, deepening into your own expression of divinity, this is for you.