Energy Clearing

Shifting Configurations

This transmission speaks to the awakening ones; to the process of shedding templates , dismantling scaffolding, to knowing of All That Is.

Energy Clearing Digitial Download Bundle

When used together, within a shorter timeframe, these clearings create accelerated benefits for your whole field. 

Clearing Original Imprint

This meditation provides a way to begin working with and clearing all misperceptions from original imprinting.
21 min mp3 audio.

Lifetime Agreements

This recording offers keys for understanding how the contracts between us and the universe agreements function and for shifting them. 11 min
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Dealing With Overwhelm Amidst Turmoil

The world is in turmoil. You experience this daily.This is the remodeling of a world from the old into many versions of new.
30:26 mp3 file

Inception Point Release

This type of release is critical to shifting realities and ‘jumping tracks’, allowing the Divine to take over and re-weave our lives. 9 mins
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Clearing Bloodline and Genetic Patterns

Learn how to release genetic, bloodline and soul genetic patterning from your body, life and mind.
90 minute mp3 audio

Ascended Empathy

Ascended Empathy is the evolution of the empath archetype… and for those who wear this designation, it seems ‘about time’!
11 minute audio.
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