Embodying Fluidity ~ Divine Feminine Enlightenment by Nalini MacNab

Welcome to the Oneness

Learning to walk your own true path involves deepening into life to discover the divine order in all things. The offerings and content you will find within Divine Mother Portal are intended to help you take your next steps, be they small steps or giant trust falls. If you are ready to walk your unique, Source-directed life path as it unfolds beneath your feet, ladling light as you go, this is for you.

Introduction to Embodying Fluidity

Learn more from Nalini about what you will learn on this part of the journey home to HER.

About this course

Embodying Fluidity is Nalini's Core teaching course. There are patterns and programs that have held us in limitation for lifetimes. There is also HER current of Infinite Love, moving through everything.  It is time for the old scripts, all the old scripts, to dissolve into this flow. This course assists in the process.

Nalini has been transmitting the energies and information of egoic dissolution for many years now. This information began as 'spiritual root cause analysis,' then morphed into 'hacking the false matrix' and finally emerged as a series of tele-classes known as Embodying Fluidity

The Embodying Fluidity program was downloaded from the Great Mother, designed to dissolve egoic programming at every level. It is an initiation into and integration of the commitment to Source to hold no fixed positions in particular.  

This course contains core information and transmissions from the Embodying Fluidity series. You’ll experience downloads of light, welcome videos for each module, and guided meditations from the original audio classes as well as new initiations, as you progress through the course.

Also included are guided audio processes for Clearing your original imprints and Conception Point Release.

These digital downloads are usually sold separately, and represent a $30 value alone.

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos File Icon 11 files Text Icon 24 text files


Introduction to Fluidity
Welcome to Embodying Fluidity
2 mins
Daily Heart Space Journal Template.docx
50.3 KB
Daily Heart Space Journal Template.pdf
132 KB
Becoming Fluid - Helpful Tools
Module One: Shaping Your Sacred Space
HER Sacred Space
Welcome to the Heartspace
2 mins
Part One: The Heart Space
Welcome to the Cocoon Space
3 mins
Part Two: The Cocoon Space
Meditation: Heartspace
15 mins
About the Reality Construct
4 mins
Part Three: Your Reality Construct (aka your Life)
Meditation: Reality Construct
7 mins
Homework: Daily Practice for Shaping Your Sacred Space
Module Two: Shifting from the Heart
Welcome to Shifting From the Heart
2 mins
Lifting the veils of separation
The Heartspace Energies
Sharing from the Heartspace
Meditation: Shifting from the Heart
10 mins
Module Three: Archetypal Alignment
Welcome to Module Three
3 mins
Introduction: Meet your archetypes
Reflection and Action: Releasing your archetypes
Sharing from the Heartspace
Meditation: Archetypal Alignment
9 mins
Module Four: Clearing Bloodlines and Genetic Patterns
Genetics, Bloodlines and Inherited Programming.mp4
3 mins
Genetics (Getting into the Body's Cellular Makeup!)
Imprinting and Implanting
Sharing from the Heartspace -
Guided Meditation: Clearing our original imprints
22 mins
Meditation: Conception Point Release
16 mins
Supplemental Reading and Viewing
Module Five: Releasing Symptom Causing Patterns
Welcome to Module 5: Symptom Causing Patterns
4 mins
Introduction to Symptom Causing Agreements
Identifying and Befriending these Patterns
Releasing the Patterns
1. Interim Clearing Meditation
7 mins
2. Deep Clearing and Release Meditation
26 mins
Sharing from the Heartspace
Module Six: Shifting Core Essence
Welcome to Shifting Core Essence
4 mins
Introduction to Shifting Core Essence
Shifting Distraction, Core Essence and Core Imprints
Sharing from the Heartspace
Meditation: Shifting Core Essence
14 mins
Afterwords - you have completed Embodying Fluidity
2 mins
Recommended Companion Tools

Embodying Fluidity ~ Divine Feminine Enlightenment