Divine Mother Portal Membership by Nalini MacNab

Divine Mother Portal Membership

Are you feeling the pull to take the next step into awakening? 

I so often hear that there are too few of ‘us'! Whether you are taking fledgling flights, dipping into small immersions, or ready for the full plunge of your awakening journey, the Divine Mother Portal membership might be just the 'home base' you need to support you.


Welcome to the Oneness

Learning to walk your own true path involves deepening into life to discover the divine order in all things. The offerings and content you will find within Divine Mother Portal are intended to help you take your next steps, be they small steps or giant trust falls. If you are ready to walk your unique, Source-directed life path as it unfolds beneath your feet, ladling light as you go, this is for you.

Divine Mother Portal Membership is a masterclass in HER way of Oneness.

It is a place to begin, to start over, to learn new concepts and ideas or to establish new practices that will help you in living an Awakened Life. 

Membership gives members-only access to curated audios, videos, monthly astrology reports, and other information Nalini feels will be of value to you.

Members are also eligible for a monthly LIVE group Q&A call, where we can sit in HER Grace and receive information relevant to our embodied awakening. 

Why not join us?

Your DMP Membership includes:

  • Regular online posts and curated content from Nalini
  • Audio recordings and videos from Nalini tailored to current energies
  • Priority email access to Nalini for specific questions
  • Opportunities to comment and be answered about specific member content
  • A 60 minute monthly Q&A group call, specific to the current energies and your questions
  • 20% DISCOUNT on the Embodying Fluidity online course 
  • 20% DISCOUNT on all Divine Mother Temple Goddess courses 
  • 20% DISCOUNT discount on one State Shift personal mentoring session with Nalini per month

This is a membership program, paid monthly. Your account will be debited on the same day each month. You may cancel and/or re-subscribe at any time. 

If you want to live more consciously, moving into expanded playing fields, this may be for you.


"A DMP membership program is a unique opportunity to receive the monthly support of an enlightened being in your commitment to your light and your own awakenings. Here is where you are free to notice, explore, and acknowledge your limitations and beliefs and, more importantly, to allow them to dissolve. With the assistance of energetic transmissions from Nalini, her writings, and other recommended materials, the program provides a powerful, loving and uplifting space for your ongoing transformation".
Aodaoin H
The program helped me understand and navigate this tricky world. 
Nalini is an amazing being, one I would highly recommend to people due to her practical embodiment of source energy. I look forward to continuing walking the path of light with her. 
Stuart L
"I benefited greatly from participating in Nalini's membership program in 2018. The program provided me with the place to be among like-lighted souls, and also receive much needed guidance from Nalini in the days of confusion and chaos. It felt like coming home. I recommend this program to all seeking higher light and higher understanding in their lives."
Helen L
Two-words… Life changing.  The program is a safe space to explore and embody truth. This has really helped me surf through life’s waves… no more peaks and troughs - more of a gentle rise and fall.  I see the world around me with different eyes, a broader and deeper perspective.  And because of that, I make different choices.  Choices that honour me.
Nicole L
"Having a year long immersion is very beneficial, it keeps you on your toes! Being held in this field is exquisite, loving and very supportive. Nalini's  humour never fails to bring a smile and  frequent, laugh out loud guffaws at the 'silliness' we can engage in as we shift from the old to the All."
Celia M

Recent posts

From October thru December 2020, DMP members will have the opportunity to attend a LIVE Q&A session with Nalini.

These sessions are available to DMP…
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As a Divine Mother Portal member, you are eligible for a 20% discount on the Embodying Fluidity online course. Your discount code to enter at…
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This recording is from her GLC {Galactic Light code} collection, from her membership. I paid for the file, so am sharing. If you'd like more…
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Hi there ~ 
For those who attended the monthly Q&A, a question was asked, right at the end, on Group Ascension. {I was just notified…
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Hey there, I posted this on Medium today and SHE said you all could use the info and the humor. Enjoy!


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DMP Membership

$27 / month
Includes access to 1 product:
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What happens during a group call?

Each monthly teleconference begins with a transmission from Source. Following the transmission, Nalini will answer questions from those dialed in or listening on the webcast. An mp3 recording of each teleconference will be available on the membership page for those who cannot participate live or for re-listening at any time.

What happens if I choose to opt out for any reason?

If you choose to opt out of the program for any reason, you are free to cancel your subscription (monthly option) at any time. If you change your mind, you are also free to re-subscribe at any time. Your access to the membership page will be available only while you are actively subscribed.

What will be expected of me in terms of participation?

You are encouraged to use your intuition as you work through the
exercises and the recommended reading. None of the reading or the exercises are mandatory, but are suggested entirely for your benefit. You will get the most out of the program, however, if you do the reading and the suggested exercises. If you are working through something difficult, you are encouraged to use your processing tools or to ask Nalini for help in processing your issues.