We use many strategies to block our mystical growth and connection to the DIVINE MOTHER, the Creatrix of us all. 

In this module we will look at the mechanism of energetic projection and its cousin - transference. The irony is that whilst most of us never actively work at developing these patterns, we are very adept at using them. 

In this module you will learn to better understand these mechanisms and how they are most commonly used. You will also be introduced to a new way of using energy. In this way, you will continue to grow along mystical lines, to better connect with HER consciousness, and use those energies to envision and create a new life.

There is also an accompanying audio file 'The Art of Projection' for this module. You will be instructed to listen to this audio at the appropriate point in the flow of information.

What is Projection? 

Projection happens when a person projects their own qualities, feelings, behaviors, etc., onto another person. For example, when we judge, consciously or unconsciously, then accuse someone else of judging us.

There is another way to use the energy of projection. It is an art form that can further awareness and oneness. Just as some herbs can be either a poison or a remedy, the energy of projection can be harmful, or become a useful tool.

The classic projection example is when a therapy patient hides his/her own feelings and projects them onto the therapist. People do this to each other all the time.

In its most severe form, projection becomes judgement. The ironic truth about judgement is that when we judge others, we limit our own possibilities. We are forcing our energies into the boxes of judging and judged, when they could be directed in more open, creative ways. What else could be accomplished with those energies?

When we project and judge, Source has limited options for delivering what we have chosen to become or to manifest. SHE has to move through our self-created images and definitions to deliver anything to us. If, however, we surrender our projections, pulling them in and giving those energies back to Source, SHE is free to deliver miraculous manifestations to us in the most optimal way.

Let’s do the work

No-one is immune from projecting and judging, including you. In order to do the work where it needs to take place, please reflect on and answer the following questions for yourself.

  • In what situations do you find yourself judging others?
  • Towards whom do you send projection and judgement?
  • Why do you think that is? (Be objective here, practising non-judgement)

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Foundations: The Way of Oneness

A metaphysical (Mystik’s) Practice Primer in the Way of Oneness

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