Welcome to the Oneness

Learning to walk your own true path involves deepening into life to discover the divine order in all things. The offerings and content you will find within Divine Mother Portal are intended to help you take your next steps, be they small steps or giant trust falls. If you are ready to walk your unique, Source-directed life path as it unfolds beneath your feet, ladling light as you go, this is for you.

Are you seeking support for your journey of awakening on this planet, at this time?

Are you learning to navigate through Oneness?

We are all Divine expressions. In walking the path of your own unique Spirit, you can more easily move through this world while expressing your divinity as only you can do.

The world is your palette, your training ground and your living lab. It is possible to live a Source-directed experience of life…consciously.

Your guide

Nalini MacNab was born aware, setting her life path on a different course than most. Her full awakening into enlightenment through the Divine Feminine provides a resonance that supports the consciousness of those who work with her. We are all embodiments of Divine Essence. Nalini's awareness is offered in support of your own. She is a conduit for Source, the Creatrix of us all.

More About Nalini: the professional bio

Nalini MacNab is an internationally recognized author, blogger, spiritual teacher and transformational seer.

She travels globally, working as an advisor to those who want to live a Source-directed life and further the development of expanded consciousness.
Nalini is the author of several books, including Walk A(new)Way, and Becoming Oneness. She is not affiliated with any particular group, organization, or religion.
“As a life-long intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient perceiver, the Divine sees through me into the sacred architecture of life. I have spent this lifetime studying vibration, perception, and consciousness. Each path I have walked, in this and other lives, has brought a gift of understanding. In my journey into the depths of the Great Mother, the Source of us all, I found Home. I am THAT. And I am grateful.”  - Nalini MacNab

Would you like to find out about Nalini's other offerings, including where to find her writings and how to work with her personally?

Visit Nalini's main website, Goddess Portal Support, by clicking below.

There is no competition for your life purpose. Only you can ladle the light that you are.

The contents of the Divine Mother Portal present information and transmitted frequencies for transcending mundane, conditioned, consciousness and embodying your Divine nature.

In other words, the products, courses, and member programs I offer here contain information to further your enlightened embodiment. While the courses do follow on, one from the other, they are not meant to be seen as graduation steps, but employed simultaneously. Whichever component(s) might call you, all offerings present material to be included in your daily life and practice, as you become more conscious and find your unique ways of expressing divinity. 

Divine Mother Portal Membership

Whether you're taking small steps forward, or you're a bit further along and ready to deep dive into what is next for you, our membership plans are designed to assist you in keeping your balance through transition, grounding while ascending in frequency, and becoming the light that you are.  SHE moves through us all! What will your Divine Expression be?


Becoming the Network

This short meditation from the Growing New Roots program will ground and connect you to the vast network you are innately part of. 

ROOTS: Your complete initiation for rooting through Source

Each meditation presents a unique aspect of how you can ground and be rooted as the world and our bodies transform.

Meditation: How Are You Rooted?

You will be guided through three short processes, from the ROOTS program, to explore how and where you are currently rooted.

Integrating and Letting Go: New ROOTS, New Experience

As we reorient for new frequencies and higher octaves of light, our bodies still need grounding. This meditation will help you dial in.

Meditation: Planting Patient Seeds

This meditation will assist you in being patient after planting new seeds. Only Source knows what will spring worth, how and when.

Seeding New Reality Meditation Bundle

This series of 5 meditations, from the Growing New ROOTS program, will help you to seed new reality as you grow new roots.

Grounding within Gaia: A meditation trilogy

This 3 part journey meditation will take you deeply into Grounding with Gaia,grounding with grounding,and grounding with the Flower of Life.

Meditation: Tending Yourself with Tenderness

This short meditation from the Growing New ROOTS program, is to assist and support you as you grow roots in the new world.

Meditation: Thriving through adversity - A seed’s journey into stability.

This 13 minute meditation is about finding your growth pattern; your new way of taking root in a new world.

Growing New Roots: Foundational Meditations Bundle

The 3 meditations in this bundle will help you grow new roots, weave new branches and flow with the light of the stars that you are.

Meditation: Sovereign Alignment within Collaboration

This 13 min meditation is a way of finding your alignment as the Divinity that you are, and help you root in a new way.

Meditation: Spherical Grounding as Starlight

This 11 min meditation, is an alignment for a new way of being held, in sovereignty, within the way of Source.

Meditation: A Walk in your Inner Nature

This 14 minute meditation is a meditation on a walk into your inner nature. Come for a walk with me!

Setting Your Field of Intention: Meditation

This short meditation assists you in setting a field of intention that will move with you and support you throughout your day,and your life.

On Meditation: What it really is and why it's important

Guided meditations and transmissions give an experience in the moment that is meant to be practiced.

Online Courses

Setting a GPS for Quantum Possibilities Mini-Course

The transmissions in this course help to establish your assemblage point, your field, your GPS as your most authentic expression at time.

Living as Multidimensional Oneness

Living as Multi-Dimensional Oneness is a radical departure from traditional learning. This journey is experiential field tuning using SOUND.

The Goddess Series: Isis the Great Mother

This series holds transmissions of empowerment direct from one of the oldest of Divine Feminine Sources. 

The Goddess Series: White Tara

White Tara is an aspect of enlightened consciousness. This initiation series is an experience of being absorbed into Her Light. 

Wholistic Hygiene

Order and cleanliness are part of raising your vibration. Honoring this in every area of life directly affects the state of your energetic field. 

Foundations: The Way of Oneness

Learn or review the foundations of awakening into oneness. These are the practical steps for living as an embodiment of Divine Love.

Embodying Fluidity ~ Divine Feminine Enlightenment

Embodying Fluidity is Nalini's Core teaching course. There are patterns and programs that have held us in limitation for lifetimes. There is also HER current of Infinite Love, moving through everything at this time. It is time for the old scripts, all the old scripts, to dissolve into this flow. This course assists in the process.

Energy Clearing

Shifting Configurations

This transmission speaks to the awakening ones; to the process of shedding templates , dismantling scaffolding, to knowing of All That Is.

Energy Clearing Digitial Download Bundle

When used together, within a shorter timeframe, these clearings create accelerated benefits for your whole field. 

Clearing Original Imprint

This meditation provides a way to begin working with and clearing all misperceptions from original imprinting.
21 min mp3 audio.

Lifetime Agreements

This recording offers keys for understanding how the contracts between us and the universe agreements function and for shifting them. 11 min
View product $5.40

Dealing With Overwhelm Amidst Turmoil

The world is in turmoil. You experience this daily.This is the remodeling of a world from the old into many versions of new.
30:26 mp3 file

Inception Point Release

This type of release is critical to shifting realities and ‘jumping tracks’, allowing the Divine to take over and re-weave our lives. 9 mins
View product $3.33

Clearing Bloodline and Genetic Patterns

Learn how to release genetic, bloodline and soul genetic patterning from your body, life and mind.
90 minute mp3 audio

Ascended Empathy

Ascended Empathy is the evolution of the empath archetype… and for those who wear this designation, it seems ‘about time’!
11 minute audio.
View product $4.50

Divine Mother Temple

The Goddess Series: Durga The Invincible Force

Durga is the Mother of the universe, the power aspect of creation, the invincible force of Love. 

The Goddess Series: White Tara

White Tara is an aspect of enlightened consciousness. This initiation series is an experience of being absorbed into Her Light. 

The Goddess Series: Isis the Great Mother

This series holds transmissions of empowerment direct from one of the oldest of Divine Feminine Sources.