Welcome to the Oneness

Learning to walk your own true path involves deepening into life, not retreating from it, to discover the divine order in all things. The offerings and content you will find within Divine Mother Portal can be stepping stones on your path, be it in small steps or giant leaps. If you are ready to walk your path in life as a mystery school, deepening into your own expression of divinity, this is for you.

Your guide

Nalini MacNab was born aware, setting her life path on a different course than most. She is a life-long intuitive and transformational seer, whose full awakening into enlightenment through  the Divine Feminine, supports the lives of those who work with her. Nalini is an internationally known author, teacher, and conduit for Source, the Creatrix of us all.

We are all Divne expressions. In walking the path of your own, unique Spirit, you can more easily move through this world while expressing your divinity as only you can do.

The world is your palette, your training ground and your living lab. It is possible to live a Source-directed experience of life…consciously.

There is no competition for your life purpose. Only you can ladle the light that you are.

These courses present both new and traditional methods for transcending mundane consciousness and embodying your Divine nature.

In other words, these courses contain information to further your enlightened embodiment. While the courses do follow on, one from the other, they are not meant to be seen as graduation steps, but employed simultaneously. Each course presents material to be included in your daily life and practice, as you find your unique ways of expressing divinity. 

The Goddess Isis Series

On Meditation: What it really is and why it's important

Embodying Fluidity ~ Divine Feminine Enlightenment

Embodying Fluidity is Nalini's Core teaching course. There are patterns and programs that have held us in limitation for lifetimes. There is also HER current of Infinite Love, moving through everything at this time. It is time for the old scripts, all the old scripts, to dissolve into this flow. This course assists in the process.

Foundations: The Way of Oneness

Learn or review the foundations of awakening into oneness. These are the practical steps for living as an embodiment of Divine Love.

Wholistic Hygiene

Order and cleanliness are part of raising your vibration. Honoring this in every area of life directly affects the state of your energetic field. 

Setting Your Field of Intention: Meditation

This short meditation assists you in setting a field of intention that will move with you and support you throughout your day, night, and life. 

Divine Mother Portal Membership Programs

I so often hear that 'there are too few of ‘us'! Whether you're taking a small step forward, or you're a bit further along and ready to deep dive into what is next for you, one of our online programs might be of assistance.  SHE moves through us all! What will your  Divine Expression be?